Timothy Carney, writing in today’s Washington Examiner, examines the reasons why Google, who donated over $800,000 to President Obama’s campaign, is lobbying so heavily for net neutrality.

He begins with a an explanation of how the internet operates.
“Some companies make, gather or present digital stuff you want, including content (such as YouTube’s videos), communication (such as the new Google Voice service) or applications (such as eBay’s auction software). Other companies deliver these digital "goods" over wires or through the air to your computer or iPhone — such as AT&T, Verizon or Comcast. In brief, there are content providers and there are networks.”
However, as more and more people are taking advantage of data intensive services, for instance watching live high-definition video online, there simply isn’t the infrastructure there to supply the demand.
Carney presents two solutions: “One solution: Just build massive amounts of new bandwidth [ed: and charge consumers!]. A better solution: Networks could build special "express lanes" for content that requires lots of bandwidth”. This next-generation smart technology would ensure faster internet, at lower costs. It is this express lane that net-neutrality would outlaw. As such, Google & others, who don’t want to pay anything to use the wires, are calling on the government to legislate to ensure their free-rider status: “It’s comparable to a manufacturer lobbying for price controls on shipping companies”
Net neutrality will lead to higher costs, slower internet, and a worse online experience for households. It’s as simple as that .