As if no one saw this coming. The blogosphere is lighting up with stories, tweets and screenshots about the error prone websites for the new Obamacare exchanges. This post from the Washington Examiner captures the debacle perfectly. Creating an account—let alone actually shopping for insurance—on seems to be next to impossible.

The website has been telling visitors to “please wait,” since there are a lot of visitors to the site. Liberals told the American people that Obamacare would not lead to longer wait times at the doctor’s offices, but they forgot to mention that Americans will wait in long lines on a website. It must have slipped their minds. But this all assumes that the website is even functioning, periodically the error message switches from “please wait” to “the system is down at the moment.”

To comfort frustrated visitors, the site’s Twitter account let everyone know they are #sorry. Apparently, wait times have been longer than expected, not to worry; however, they are working to fix these issues as soon as possible. But isn’t the government shutdown? Clearly, Obamacare website managers are part of the 3 million “essential” government employees not affected by the shutdown.

It’s ironic that the law that was purported to provide access for all Americans to healthcare is now preventing the uninsured from even signing up, let alone shopping for and purchasing an insurance plan!

But all this should come as no surprise. Obamacare is an exercise in Big Government, an attempt by liberals and bureaucrats to hijack the private health insurance business. It doesn’t work in theory, it isn’t working in practice. 20 new or higher taxes, forced layoffs, and limited access, do not add up to reform. They do not improve the quality of care provided, nor do they strengthen the American economy.

To amend Ben Franklin’s admonition, there are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and the failure of Big Government. The Obamacare website was destined to fail because it was the product of Big Government, it makes no difference that it is a large swatch of broadband and not an expansive bureaucratic office building. Big Government will always crumble and fall under its own weight.

Today’s shaky roll out provides clear evidence that Obamacare is not ready to be implemented; that is why a petition has been put forth to demand a full one year delay of Obamacare. This will give the American people a reprieve from the harmful and unintended side effects of a disastrous law. ATR urges all taxpayers to sign the petition. Hopefully after today’s debacle the American people will overwhelmingly agree that Obamacare will do more harm than good.