Just last week The Daily Mail reported that a source inside HHS leaked data showing only  51,000 people had successfully enrolled in the federal Obamacare exchanges. But according to a new survey conducted by Robert Lazewski, a health policy analyst, the actual enrollment number is closer to 5,000. 

Many insurance companies are reporting that they are receiving multiple enrollments and cancellations from one person. The system is enrolling, unenrolling, and then reenrolling for the same person. This glitch is beginning to cause health care plans to worry if the enrollee even exists. This is troublesome for a system that needs more than 7 million people to enroll in order to be sustainable.

In order to solve this problem the government created a reconciliation system but just like everything else, it hasn’t been tested and doesn’t even work. There is also the help desk aimed in assisting health plans through this glitch. But the help desk is so overrun with requests that “help desk tickets” are being issues and then being researched by the feds. There is no word if there have been responses on the “help desk tickets” already issued.

The problem is only going get worse when more and more people begin to try to enroll in the already broken system. And to think that $634 million was spent on this website.