A German labor leader threatened Volkswagen’s Chattanooga workers at the United Auto Workers’ (UAW) recent convention in Detroit.


Frank Patta, general secretary of Volkswagen’s Global Group Works Council, told the assembled union delegates that the UAW will prevail eventually in Chattanooga:


“Let me say this to our enemies,” Patta thundered. “We will go on… We will not be beaten!”


By “enemies” Patta presumably means those opposed to unionization at Volkswagen’s assembly plant – which includes the workers themselves, who rejected UAW representation in an NLRB-supervised election by a vote of 712-626.


VW’s Global Works Council is dominated by IG Metall, the powerful German industrial union that is a staunch ally of the UAW.  As the Center for Worker Freedom previously reported, Frank Patta is also brother to Sebastian Patta, VW’s vice president of human resources in Chattanooga.


Patta’s presence and remarks to the UAW make clear:  Detroit and Germany are still conspiring to thwart the wishes of VW workers who wish to remain union free.


To learn more about Patta’s remarks, click here to read CWF executive director Matt Patterson’s op-ed in today’s Chattanooga Times Free Press.