Americans for Tax Reform calls on Congressional candidate Gary Aubuchon to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in his bid for the GOP nomination in Florida’s 19th Congressional District.  Currently, every other Republican candidate in the race has signed the pledge, including Chauncey Porter Goss, Paige Vanier Kreegel, Trey Radel, Byron Donalds, and Joe Davidow.

Voters in Florida’s 19th Congressional District deserve to know the truth on where Gary Aubuchon stands on taxes. Without a concrete written promise to taxpayers in the district, Aubuchon is leaving the door open to higher taxes.

The worst part about the fact that Aubuchon has left tax hikes on the table by refusing to sign the Pledge to Florida taxpayers is that on January 1, 2013, America faces the largest tax increases in US history.

The cost of Taxmageddon on Florida taxpayers is estimated at over $34 billion in higher taxes. Based on 2010 Congressional district boundaries, the average taxpayer in Florida’s 19th district will have to fork over an additional $6,631 every April to Uncle Sam. In terms of tax hikes, the 19th District will be the hardest hit Congressional district in Florida with an average tax increase of 6.6 percent per tax return.  

Although Aubuchon would not take office until after January 1, the risk of giving him a seat at the negotiating table should leave Florida taxpayers scared.

“The voters in Florida have a right to know where a candidate stands on the issues before electing them to Congress,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “It’s only logical to assume that if Aubuchon won’t sign the Pledge then he has plans to raise taxes.”

“The promises that Aubuchon makes about creating jobs in southwest Florida, cutting spending, and restoring fiscal conservatism to Washington mean little without the backing of a concrete written promise to oppose higher taxes. Only by signing the Pledge, can Florida taxpayers be certain that Aubuchon stands with them in the fiscal fight of our lifetime.”

[PDF of Press Release]