Future Looks Brighter for Louisiana Taxpayers
Governor-Elect Bobby Jindal strong supporter of pro-growth policies

Washington, DC- The election of Rep. Bobby Jindal as the next governor of Louisiana marks a dramatic turn away from the fiscal irresponsibility of the current state government under Gov. Kathleen Blanco. Gov.-Elect Jindal’s message of fiscal and ethical reforms that will move Louisiana into the 21st century resonated with the people of Louisiana and secured him an overwhelming victory.

“Jindal’s victory with over 54 percent of the vote indicates Louisiana’s strong desire to move forward,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Governor-Elect Jindal’s decision to campaign on strong ethics and fiscal reforms should be encouraging for Louisianans.   Louisiana can look forward to the bright future of a vibrant economy and a sound state government.”

Upon signing the Taxpayer Protection pledge in his first gubernatorial race in 2003, Rep. Jindal said, “Voters have a right to know the true intentions of anybody running for governor. If someone refuses to sign the pledge because they intend to increase taxes — that is their prerogative. While I disagree with this approach, it will allow voters to decide for or against tax increases on Election Day. If you do not plan to increase taxes, then you will have no problem signing this pledge." Jindal continued to show his support for pro-growth policies in Congress with an ATR congressional rating of 90 percent in 109th Congress.

“The taxpayers of Louisiana have a friend in Bobby Jindal,” continued Norquist. “After the poor performance of Gov. Blanco’s administration, Louisiana should be excited to see Rep. Jindal’s plans for the future.”