The radical crypto-Marxist “Free Press”, an organization dedicated to destroying private property rights, and calling for government takeovers of all forms of media, have come out today with yet another call for government regulation of the internet.

In keeping with their usual modus operandi of lies and deceit, they claim without Net Neutrality, evil corporations would destroy “the film student, the small entrepreneur, and the independent journalist
They are right about one thing however, when they ask “did you know that we’re at risk of losing the Internet as we know it? Millions of Americans don’t know that a battle over the future of the Internet is being played out right now in Washington. How it ends will have deep repercussions for decades to come.”
Because are at risk of losing the internet. Because Free Press want the government to take over, destroying all that is great about the online world.
But this isn’t the only campaign against prosperity Free Press is running. Recently, they announced a campaign against TV Everywhere, a project to give TV subscribers more access to the content they pay for in more places at no additional charge, whilst still protecting and compensating the content creators.
The concept of TV Everywhere is that a subscriber to a multichannel video distributor – without any additional charge – can watch TV programs online. It is likely that one effect of TV Everywhere is that more quality video program will be available over the Internet. And this, in turn, is likely to drive increased broadband adoption, a widely agreed-upon policy objective.
But Free Press and its allies, claiming to be representing consumers, contend the plan of the MVPDs to make television programs available on the Internet to subscribers without charge is actually anti-consumer. Of course, normally consumers are pleased when they are given additional options to make use of a product at no additional charge. And, as a matter of fact, I am not aware of any material opposition to the plan by actual consumers.
Nevertheless, Free Press and company have written to the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and legislators to complain that TV Everywhere is "problematic" because it may "upset the emerging market of online video." According to Free Press, "the TV Everywhere model requires consumers who wish to watch popular video content on the Internet to first subscribe" to a MVPD. This is the alleged harm.”
Reading further, it is clear Free Press want the government to decide what content is provided, by whom, to whom. Their attacks on this great initiative highlight to all the inherent lie in their calls for net neutrality: this isn’t a debate about user access, rather, it is one about control. And it is one where following their radical agenda, Free Press want to ensure an over-powerful government will control absolutely everything. And return us to the telecommunications dark ages.