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The PRO Act is being rushed through congress this week. It will destroy the livelihood of freelancers and independent contractors and force everyone to have a boss.

Please read and watch this personal testimonial from Stephanie Mickelson:

“In 2019 I quit my job as an English teacher to be a stay-at-home Mom. Even in my excitement, I worried about the financial implications for my family.

But since then, I was able to start freelance writing. Doing so has given us a lot of options. We’ve reached financial goals that I didn’t even know were possible.

The PRO Act, as it stands right now with the ABC test in place, would take away all of my clients whose usual course of business is writing or marketing, which is all of them.

If the ABC test stands it effectively destroys the business that I have created over the last two years that has given me the options and flexibility to live this amazing, amazing life.”

Watch the video here or below: