The Federal Communications Commission is trying desperately to manufacture Congressional support for their radical proposal to regulate the Internet.  But it now appears they have simply found a socialist organization to do their bidding.

Today, CongressDaily revealed that a letter supporting Internet regulation being circulated by Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) was actually written by Ben Scott, the policy director of the left-wing advocacy group Free Press.  Scott’s name was found in the “properties” section of the letter as the original author.

Free Press has long been viewed as a key orchestrator for Net Neutrality regulations and last week was the first to tout a letter from Sen. Rockefeller and Rep. Waxman that was meant to give some political cover when FCC Chairman Genachowski announced his ambitious plan.  (I wonder who wrote it.)  There has been a push in recent weeks to fabricate an image of strong Congressional support for the plan, even though Congress doesn’t appear too likely to be on the FCC’s side.  Last fall, 72 Democrats sent a letter to the FCC last fall stating their reservations about Net Neutrality, and the legislation to enact Net Neutrality has fewer co-sponsors than the bill to prohibit it.  Nevertheless, it’s good to finally know with certainty who is running the ground game at the FCC.