International Policy Network (IPN), a London-based free market think tank, is accepting submissions for its 8th annual Bastiat Prize for Journalism competition. The prize goes to published writers whose work best illustrates the principles of limited government, the rule of law, private property rights, personal liberties, and free markets. 

The winner of the competition receives a $10,000 reward. Second and third place winners also receive prizes. This year, the competition includes a second category, the Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism – open to work that has been published online and in blogs.
Last year’s Bastiat Prize went to Barton Hinkle of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Hinkle wrote on outsourcing, agricultural subsidies, and the “food crisis”. His submissions are available with those of the other 2008 finalists here.
To learn more about the competition, click here. The deadline for submitting entries is June 30, 2009.