Wisconsin Lawmakers Praised for Pro-Taxpayer Policies

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) is proud to announce that Representatives Scott Suder and Luther Olsen and Senators Dave Zien and Bob Welch have won ATR\\\’s "Friend of the Taxpayer" award for the month of June. ATR has nominated pro-taxpayer lawmakers for the "Friend of the Taxpayer" award since 1997.

ATR awarded Reps. Suder and Olsen and Sens. Zien and Welch "Friend of the Taxpayer" because of their work on behalf of Wisconsin taxpayers. These lawmakers have worked to accomplish the following:

· Insert a clause in the Legislature\\\’s budget proposal that freezes property taxes for Wisconsin\\\’s hard-working families.

· Oppose massive spending hikes supported by some members of the Wisconsin Legislature.

· Support a balanced budget that puts the interests of taxpayers first, and the interests of tax-and-spenders last.

"I applaud Representatives Suder and Olsen and Senators Zien and Welch for their principled stance on issues important to Wisconsin\\\’s taxpayers," commented Grover Norquist, President of ATR. "They have demonstrated a solid understanding of the burden that Wisconsin\\\’s taxpayers bear, and they have dedicated himself to reducing that burden.

"Thank you, Scott Suder, Luther Olsen, Dave Zien and Bob Welch for your hard work on behalf of taxpayers in your districts and across the state of Wisconsin. Please accept our Friend of the Taxpayer award in appreciation for your hard work, and in anticipation of your future efforts," concluded Norquist.