Today marks the 92nd day since President Obama promised to cut a meager $100 million from the federal budget in 90 days. Jonathan Weisman, of the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire, covered the White House’s failure to meet this deadline.
$100 million is a pittance compared to the $3.69 trillion federal budget and $787 billion stimulus, as this Heritage Foundation visualization and the 10,000 pennies video help to illustrate. That should make it a very easy goal to accomplish though…Right?
Wrong! Just when you think President Obama has set the bar so low, he can’t help but finally keep a promise; he proves you wrong. If you have not learned by now – never doubt President Obama’s ability to break his campaign promises.
On the eve of the President’s fourth primetime press conference, which will undoubtedly focus on his intentions to spend hundreds of billions on a massive healthcare spending bill, he has broken yet another promise by failing to cut $100 million from the budget.
The explanations are vague: “The recommendations have been gathered by the Cabinet Secretary who will be reporting them to the President shortly” said White House Budget spokesman Ken Baer. Whatever those cuts may be, the President will not even look at them within the timeline he guaranteed to the American people.
Unfortunately for the President, the American people are learning not to trust him, as his disapproval rate jumped 16 points in the latest USA Today/Gallup polling.