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There was a time, in the very recent past, when Democrats insisted that a partial government shutdown would usher in the apocalypse — overwrought framing they promiscuously apply to numerous political debates — and any attempt to extract policy concessions during a shutdown showdown was extreme recklessness. Obama White House officials likened lawmakers seeking to leverage fiscal “cliff” scenarios for ideological gain to hostage takers, kidnappers, arsonists and suicide bombers. There was also a time, in the very recent past, when Democrats demanded an extension of CHIP, a healthcare program for children (proposals to do just that they voted against, over funding mechanism disagreements). More than a dozen upper chamber Democrats also lined up to vote with Republicans against the implementation of Obamacare’s harmful, job-killing and innovation-stifling medical device tax. Last night, House Republicans overcame internal divisions and passed a government funding bill that would keep the lights on for another month, would allocate money to keep CHIP running for six years, and would further delay a handful of unpopular Obamacare taxes. Nearly every lower chamber Democrat voted no. Or as Democrats would likely put it if the roles were reversed, nearly every House Democrat voted against the children and the troops, and in favor of shutdown chaos. Monsters.