Last week, the Florida House and Senate unanimously passed another $105 million in tax relief on the final day of the legislative session. This brings the total for 2014 to $500 million, meaning Governor Rick Scott delivered on his March promise, to the dollar.

These were his words in his March State of the State Address:

“Together, we have cut taxes 24 times already and my hope is that we are about to cut them again… by another $500 million this year. As I tell the hard-working people of Florida as I travel our state: We want you to keep more of the money you earn because it’s your money!”

S.B. 156, the first round of tax cuts was a $395 million tax cut which repealed a car tax increase signed into law by former Governor Charlie Crist in 2009, will save Floridians between $20-$25 per vehicle registration. That unanimously passed the House by a vote of 116-0 and Senate 40-0.

The most recent tax relief package includes new sales tax holidays for hurricane preparedness, back-to-school shopping, and energy saving appliances in September. It also includes the elimination of taxes on college meal plans. This $105 million tax cut also passed both the House and Senate unanimously.

Though the governor originally called for “cutting the tax on business leases and rolling back the business tax,” the sales tax relief still takes a step in the direction of letting Floridians keep more of their hard-earned money.

The governor agreed, saying, “This is an extraordinary year. Let’s think about what we accomplished. $500 million back in Florida families’ pockets.”

This stands in stark contrast to former Governor Charlie Crist’s fourth year in office, and record of accomplishments in general. The Republican, turned Independent, turned Democrat raised taxes by $2.2 billion, breaking his Pledge to oppose higher taxes, and has little economic accomplishments to speak of.

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