In last month’s special election, California voters sent a clear message that the taxpayer well has run dry and lawmakers need to address the GoldenState’s overspending problem.

That message apparently did not get through to the union thugs that control California DemocratsDespite already being one of the highest tax states in the country, AFSCME is proposing more new taxes, thirty-one new taxes to be specific.  They claim they have found a whopping $44 billion in “missed revenue.”  Note: missed revenue, translated from liberal speak, means higher taxes. 

In response to this, Assemblyman Chuck Devore (R-Irvine), chairman of the Taxpayer Protection Caucus, has launched a great website in opposition to these tax increases.  DeVore’s website, 31 Flavors of New Taxes for California,” highlights AFSCME’s tax hike wish list, which touches on everything from alcohol, to sales, to gas, and even online commerce

Only 5 other states have a higher state and local tax burden than CaliforniaAnd until last month, California’s income tax was the highest in the nation. Now they have the second highest. This is not how you attract employers, jobs, people, and investment.

Point of fact, California needs to get its fiscal house in order by cutting duplicative programs and wasteful spending. This is no secret. California lawmakers have increased spending by 300% since 1991.  Had spending been limited to population growth and inflation since that time, the state would have a $15 billion surplus rather than facing a more than $24 billion deficit.  California does not have a $24.3 billion deficit. It has a $24.3 billion overspending problem.

If high taxes were the answer, states like California would be in great shape and have balanced budget. Instead, California is perhaps the biggest fiscal train wreck in the U.S. ATR encourages Californians to visit the website and sign DeVore’s petition opposing the proposed tax hikes.

photo credit: aquarian librarian