IRS Snoop

Today it was reported that “thousands” of Americans had their private IRS tax return information stolen and given to a progressive group with the goal of advancing President Biden’s proposed tax increases and expanded IRS powers.

The source is currently unknown but it should be noted the IRS has a history of failing to perform basic due diligence in its rehiring decisions, as a report from the Treasury Inspector General shows.

The report found the IRS rehired 11 employees that had conducted “unauthorized access of taxpayer accounts” which was categorized as “serious misconduct.”
As the Inspector General pointed out, rehiring these employees presents a danger to taxpayers:

“Rehiring prior employees who have experienced conduct and performance issues during their IRS employment presents increased risk to the IRS and taxpayers.”

The American people deserve answers as President Biden has called for the IRS to be given automatic access to snoop on the annual inflow and outflow data from personal bank accounts and Venmo accounts. Can the people trust the IRS to safeguard their private information?

President Biden has also proposed hiring 87,000 new IRS agents and auditors, enough to fill National Park twice.