Even though the week has just begun, the EPA does not sleep when it comes to radical regulations, skirting transparency laws, ignoring subpoena’s, stealing money from taxpayers, and killing jobs before they are even created. Below is a list of five of the worst EPA scandals that have been in the news recently.

1.Gina McCarthy’s former deputy stole $900,000 from the EPA

John Beale, who formally worked under Gina McCarthy in the Office of Air and Radiation, is expected to plead guilty in a pay fraud case that pins him for stealing over $900,000 from the agency in bonuses and salary increases that he didn’t earn.  Senator David Vitter, who is the ranking Republican on the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, has called for a full blown investigation into how far this outrageous scheme went.

2.Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson still hasn’t come clean about her email addresses

Lisa Jackson, the former top ranking official at the EPA, has still yet to come clean about allegations that she used multiple email accounts and aliases to hide official agency business. You might remember that Jackson made headlines last year for some of these aliases, such as “Richard Windsor”. In fact, they even inspired ATR to create an “EPA Identity Creator” website, which can be found here. This was done in brazen disregard of federal laws governing transparency and public disclosure. So much for “the most transparent administration in history”.


3.EPA is in violation of a subpoena regarding their costly regulations

Rep. Lamar Smith, the Chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee says that the EPA has refused to comply with his requests regarding the studies that are used to promulgate regulations which cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. After refusing to come clean with the data for several years, the Committee issued a subpoena on Aug 1st, which the EPA has yet to comply with. Click here for a copy of Chairman Smith’s letter to Administrator McCarthy

4.EPA colluded with radical environmental interests to block the building of a pebble mine-before they could even submit a plan…

New revelations show that an EPA employee, Phil North, may have encouraged the agency to take the unprecedented approach of creating a “watershed assessment” of the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska, which would serve as an economic boom for the region. This theoretical assessment, which is essentially a “worst case scenario” of every possible factor that could go into the construction and operation of the mine, is falsely cited by the EPA to not only block the construction of the mine, but to veto the entire project before any plans have been submitted or considered.

5.The EPA’s own Inspector General admits that their employees have trouble understanding science!

In what can only be described as a startling revelation, the EPA’s own Inspector General recently stated in a report that the scientific “research” and calculations done by their employees could be inaccurate due to the fact they have trouble understanding the very science that they are studying.  Questions were also raised about employee’s compliance with the agency’s “Scientific Integrity Policy”. The agency tasked with creating regulations which cost taxpayers trillions is employing individuals who do not even understand the science they continuously cite to justify onerous regulations.