Image of the IRS Building "Internal Revenue Service" by saturnism is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel will testify before the House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Live stream of the hearing can be viewed here.

Questions for Werfel:

In what manner did the IRS physically destroy 30 million active taxpayer paper documents at its Ogden, Utah facility? Yes, the IRS physically destroyed 30 million physical pages of documents submitted by Americans attempting to resolve their taxes.

The IRS didn’t tell anyone about the destruction: It was only discovered after a walk-through by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Why did the IRS refuse to give congress the agency internal memo on the details?

The volume of material destroyed is considerable: if stacked in a single pile, it would reach a height of two miles.

Were the 30 million taxpayer documents dumped in a landfill? Or shredded? Or burned? Can you commit to taxpayers that the agency will never do this under your watch?

1099-K: From where does the IRS derive the power to ignore tax law? As late as Dec. 6, 2022 the IRS told everyone to “GET READY” for the new 1099-K law imposed by Democrats. A mere 17 days later on Dec. 23 the IRS declared the 1099-K requirement did not apply to taxpayers this year even though the law is in effect.

Even the progressive Tax Policy Center notes the IRS has no such power. The group wrote“the agency’s failure to invoke any statutory authority for its decision raises concerns about its commitment to following the law.”

Has the IRS even bothered to ask for a copy of the stolen IRS personal files published by the progressive group, Pro Publica? Someone on the inside appears to have the keys to the entire kingdom of IRS personal data. At this point it is unclear whether or not the Biden administration or the IRS has even asked for a copy of the stolen material. Taxpayers have been getting nothing but excuses from Yellen and former IRS chief Charles Rettig. Here is a video compilation of their previous answers under oath.

Why did the IRS visit the home of Matt Taibbi on the same day he was testifying to congress about federal government abuse? The IRS visited Taibbi’s home “unannounced and unprompted” at the very moment he was testifying to congress regarding government abuse of power. The White House also will not comment. Treasury Secretary Yellen told congress she isn’t aware of it.

Why should Americans submit even more of their private information to the IRS when you can’t protect their privacy as it is?