This month, Congressmen across America will be engaging in “town hall” meetings with their constituents. The most nervous Congressmen are the 52 members of the “Blue Dog” caucus, who will have to answer some tough questions on where they stand on Nancy Pelosi’s plan for the government to control health care, raise our taxes, increase spending, and put America further in debt. Below are five questions every Blue Dog should have to answer at every town hall meeting. Attendees might want to print this list out and take it with them to a town hall near them:
  1. Before the August recess, a backroom deal was struck between Blue Dogs and the liberal House Democrat leadership. At the time, the deal was hailed as a breakthrough to get you and your fellow “Blue Dogs” on board with government medicine. Where do you stand on this deal?   Do you support the Blue Dog healthcare “compromise” which still contains hundreds of billions in new taxes, spending, and debt?
  2. Will you promise to read any healthcare bill in full, yourself, BEFORE you vote for it?
  3. Will you promise to vote against any healthcare bill which has not been posted online for at least five full days so the public can review it?
  4. Will you oppose any healthcare bill which taxes the health insurance benefits people get from their jobs and spends the money on government medicine?

  5. You voted for San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. Can you explain how Nancy Pelosi’s liberal San Francisco values are consistent with this Congressional district’s values?

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