When Do You Finish Paying Off Your Share of Government?
Taxpayer group releases annual Cost of Government Day Report

WHEN:             Tuesday, July 10 at 12:30 PM (Finger sandwiches and beverages will be served)

WHERE:           US Capitol Room HC-9


Grover Norquist – President, Americans for Tax Reform
Elizabeth Karasmeighan, Americans for Tax Reform Foundation

Rep. Phil English – (R-Pa)
Brian Riedl – Senior Policy Analyst, Heritage Foundation
Tom Schatz – President, Citizens Against Government Waste
John Berthoud, President, National Taxpayers Union
Michelle Korsmo – Executive Vice-President, Americans for Prosperity
Jim Martin – President, 60 Plus Association
Ryan Ellis – Executive Director, American Shareholders Association
Satya Thallam – Hernando de Soto Fellow, Property Rights Alliance
Christine Hall, Director of Communications, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Sandra Fabry – State Govt. Affairs Manager, Americans for Tax Reform

Kent Lassman- Vice-President for Strategy, Freedom Works

WHAT:  Americans for Tax Reform’s 2007 Cost of Government Day press conference. 

Cost of Government Dayn. the date of the calendar year, counting from January 1, on which the average American has earned enough in cumulative gross income to pay for his or her share of government spending (total federal, state, and local) plus the cost of regulation.   This year, Cost of Government Day is Wednesday, July 11.