Most Tax Hikes were Permanent, Most Tax Cuts were Temporary

Seven Dollars of Permanent Tax Hikes for Every Dollar of Permanent Tax Cuts


Gross Tax Cuts Enacted

Gross Tax Hikes Enacted

1. S-CHIP (H.R. 2)

-No tax relief

S-CHIP Subtotal: $0


2. “Stimulus” (H.R. 1)

-Making Work Pay: $79 billion

-Education Tax Cuts: $10 billion

-First Time Homebuyer: $4.7 billion

-Unemployment Exclusion $4.7 billion

-Car Sales Tax Deduction $1.7 billion

-AMT Patch $69.8 billion

-Energy Tax Cuts $20 billion

-Business Tax Cuts $6.2 billion

-Manufacturing Bonds $1.9 billion

-Shovel Ready $19.6 billion

Stimulus” Subtotal: $217.6 billion

(fyi: total “Stimulus” spending: $581 billion: )


3. Obamacare (H.R. 3590/H.R. 4872)

-Exchange Credit: $107 billion
-Small Business Credit: $37 billion

Obamacare Subtotal: $144 billion


4. Small Business (H.R. 5297)

-Small business expensing: $7.6 billion

-Small business tax simplification: $2.4 billion

-Other small business tax cuts: $2 billion

Small Business Subtotal: $12 billion

1. S-CHIP (H.R. 2)

-Tobacco tax hike: $65.5 billion

S-CHIP Tax Hike Subtotal: $65.5 billion


2. “Stimulus” (H.R. 1)

-No tax hikes

“Stimulus” Tax Hike Subtotal: $0


3. Obamacare (H.R. 3590/H.R. 4872)

-Individual/Employer Mandate: $65 billion

-Cadillac Plan Excise Tax: $32 billion

-Interactive Effects: $46 billion

-HSA/FSA Taxes: $19.4 billion

-Reinsurance/Risk Adj: $106 billion

-Small Biz Paperwork Tax: $17.1 billion

-Medical Itemized Ded. Tax: $15.2 billion

-Medicare/Investment Tax: $210.2 billion
-Tanning Salon Tax: $2.7 billion

-Excise Taxes and Fees: $112.6 billion

-Economic Substance/Misc. $26 billion

Obamacare Tax Hike Subtotal: $652.2 billion


4. Small Business (H.R. 5297)

-Homeowner Paperwork Tax: $2.5 billion

-“Tax Gap”: $5.5 billion
*N.B. some other “tax hikes” were accidental effects of long-term tax relief and not scored

Small Business Tax Hike Subtotal: $8 billion


Total Gross Tax Cuts: $373.6 billion

(only $107.6 of this amount is permanent)

Total Gross Tax Hikes: $725.7 billion

(the full amount – $725.7 billion, is permanent)




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