Today at 12:20, the U.S. Senate will have their last vote on cloture on Sen. Dodd’s “Wall Street Bailout” bill, S. 3217 the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010.

Cloture on the motion to proceed to Financial Reform failed again yesterday by the same vote as Monday: 57-41. All Republicans voted no, 1 Democrat voted no, Sen. Nelson (NE), 57 Democrats voted yes and 2 were absent – Bennett and Bayh.

After the failed vote on Monday Sen. Reid filed cloture again on the motion to proceed to S.3217, the Financial Reform Bill and will occur this afternoon at 12:20pm. Sen. Dodd is still pressing Sen. Shelby to cave on a compromise. Please continue to call your Senator and urge them to oppose.

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