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In Connecticut, the average worker has to work until September 7 to meet all costs imposed by government. Out of 365 days in 2009, Connecticuter must toil on average 250 days to pay off his or her share of government spending and regulatory burden on federal, state and local levels. All other states, and D.C, have their Cost of Government Day earlier, which means taxpayers have to work the longest of anyone else in the nation to pay off their cost of government.

This is due to the ‘tax and spend’ policies advanced by the Connecticut government for the past several years. The Nutmeg State continually spends beyond its means…and forces Connecticut taxpayers to foot the enormous bill.

This year, the egregious abuse of taxpayers’ money has come to a standstill as the state struggles to come up with a budget. The latest budget that passed the legislature includes over a billion dollars in tax increases to compensate for the state’s poor fiscal house. While the budget has not yet been signed, Governor Rell is going to allow this unsustainable expansion of state spending by allowing it to become law without her signature. This signals that things  will not be improving anytime soon for our final COGD state.

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