The official IRS watchdog released a report last week noting the IRS is not attracting qualified applicants for its “revenue generating” positions.

In a March 11, 2024 report the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration wrote:

“Additionally, the external applications that have been received are far below the IRS targeted goal and there is an overall shortage of individuals with the desired background and experience, which has created further challenges in hiring.”

And as noted by Government Executive magazine, referencing an Aug. 2023 TIGTA report:

IRS had planned to bring on 3,833 revenue agents in fiscal 2023, but in the first six months officials had recruited just 34.

Perhaps Americans are not attracted to employment with an agency that got caught illegally backdating penalty documents and signatures; an agency that got caught intentionally destroying 30 million tax forms submitted by taxpayers attempting to resolve their taxes; an agency unwilling or unable to protect sensitive personal information.