Facing an increasingly bleak landscape for the November elections, news has surfaced that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will attempt to bring the campaign finance monstrosity, the DISCLOSE Act, to the floor tomorrow. The bill, a blatant attempt by the majority to tilt the political environment in their favor for the fall elections and beyond, penalizes the speech of businesses and grassroots advocacy groups under the guise of responding to the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.

We have been adamantly opposed to the DISCLOSE Act when it was first heard in the House and again when it came up for a vote in the Senate, where it failed 57-41. The bill is being brought up under a Motion to Reconsider tomorrow, which means the legislative language will be identical to what the Senate refused to pass in July. So far, no Senators who voted against the bill this summer have expressed support but that doesn’t mean that the closed-door, backroom dealings that have come to define this Congress aren’t taking place.

ATR, along with over fifty other organizations, has sent a coalition letter to the Hill urging the Senate to vote against this colossal affront to the First Amendment. If you think your Senator’s resolve may be wavering, be sure to call their office and tell them to vote NO on the latest attempt to stifle free speech and last-ditch effort by the majority to secure a more favorable environment for the November elections.