For quite some time, Americans for Tax Reform has repeatedly raised concerns about the disturbing trend in the current administration to stifle free speech.

These fears are echoed today in a short article written by Scott Cleland, Chairman of Mr. Cleland states that:
The FCC is effectively declaring “open season” on well-established Internet freedoms. It is perversely providing legitimacy, justification and political cover forundemocratic countries like China and Iran to hunt down dissidents online and censor free speechwhile using the Orwellian doublespeak of regulating to “preserve an open Internet.” Undemocratic regimes are always looking for “openings” and excuses to further crack down on their people’s freedom of speech and assembly. Surely, the FCC must appreciate that internationally, actions speak louder than words.”
He – justifiably – concludes that the United States risks losing all the online freedoms it has achieved if this radical policy is passed, and will give succor to undemocratic totalitarian regimes worldwide. All to satisfy the hard-left command-and-control ideology of some diehards in the Administration.