Today, the Federal Communications Commisssion announced its plans to adopt network neutrality rules.   

PRA opposes any plan that could lead to so-called “network neutrality”, viewing the policy as firmly against private property rights.  Simply put, “network neutrality” would provide the federal government extensive power to mandate how businesses can provide Internet service to their consumers.  Innovation and investment in the Internet has occurred due to an absence of government regulation and interference.  Allowing the government to step in to impose mandates on network management would represent a dangerous precedent in terms of Internet regulation and a clear infringement of private property rights by government. 

To advocate for these new mandates and further government expansion, the FCC created a new website.  However dubiously named, I must say it is certainly a step up from, which appears to have been created around the same time Al Gore was inventing the internet.

Click here to view a pdf version of PRA’s statement