Executive Director of Digital Liberty Katie McAuliffe published an op-ed on the Hill demonstrating why the FCC needs better fraud prevention in light of a criminal case wasting hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds and failing to serve low-income Americans with no communication access.

“In 2010 the FCC became aware of $6.5 million fraudulently obtained by Sandwich Isles Communications owner, Albert Hee, from the USF’s High Cost program. But the agency waited 4 years to take action. During the FCC’s inaction, more than $100 million in taxpayer dollars meant to help the disconnected lined the pockets of Albert Hee.

The FCC must actively prevent waste, fraud, and abuse in the distribution and allocation of taxpayer funds. The cost of fraudulent companies and their subsequent, lengthy investigations detracts from funds specifically designed for assisting low income Americans in accessing communications technology.”

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