Bay State Future, and independent liberal group affiliated with the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), recently began running bogus attack ads against Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Their claim: Signing the Pledge is proof that Baker “favors tax loopholes that encourage corporations to ship jobs overseas.”

Really? Let’s look at what the Pledge he signed actually says. In signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, Charlie Baker has simply promised Massachusetts residents that he will “oppose and veto any and all efforts to raise taxes.”

How Bay State Future takes that and equates it to shipping jobs overseas is beyond me, or any objective observer for that matter. This is not surprising though. As the midterm elections approach and the Left becomes increasingly desperate to stem the tide of voter retribution that awaits them on Nov. 2nd. They are avoiding substantive policy discussions and downright misleading voters. This false attack on Baker’s signing of the Pledge just being the latest example.

Sadly for Bay State Future, they couldn’t even come up with this patently false attack ad on their own; it’s merely a retread of ads first issued by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) earlier this year that have since been deemed false and misleading repeatedly by unbiased analysts.

As ATR's Adam Radman articulated yesterday about this very same false attack:

The claims about outsourcing….have repeatedly been debunked by a number of non-partisan news sources. In Nevada, Jon Ralston of Face to Face reviewed a similar Democrat attack ad against the Pledge and found it to be “thoroughly misleading.” Earlier in the year, found claims against the Pledge by the Democrat Congressional Committee to be “blatantly false.” King 5 TV, a news show in Washington state, called the attacks against the Pledge and Dino Rossi by Sen. Patty Murray’s campaign “a stretch.”
Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously stated that “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Gov. Deval Patrick, the DGA, and Bay State Future may be of the opinion that higher taxes should always be on the table. However, the fact remains that Charlie Baker’s pledge to stop all further tax increases will improve the commonwealth’s business tax climate and actually entice more employers to set up shop and create jobs in the Bay State.