The California Transportation agency (CalTrans) will be shutting down a major Los Angeles traffic artery this weekend. Interstate 405 will be completely closed to all travelers while they do construction on the road and its bridges.

The media and the public is calling the impending congestion ‘Carmageddon.’ Commutes in and around Los Angeles are expected to be so horrendous, JetBlue will be offering flights from Burbank to Long Beach for $4. Helicopter rides will be available for $150.

Richard Grenell, former San Diego Communications Director, pointed out that this is an issue that should concern all Americans, not just folks on the Left Coast. In an appearance on Fox News today, he pointed out that this project is being funded, over $1-billion, from federal funds. That means, whether you’re a Californian or not, your tax dollars helped foot the bill for looming transit nightmare..

While it shouldn’t have had to come to this, perhaps ‘Carmageddon’ will prompt lawmakers and government officials to finally give taxpayer-friendly, market-based transportation reforms serious consideration. 

Te see the full FoxNews interview, click here.


WHAT DO YOU THINK: Is adding a carpool lane to the 405 worth a billion-dollars of taxpayer money?