The BBC reported yesterday that the Copenhagen climate summit negotiations have been suspended. The China-led G77 coalition of developing nations (and some wealthy nations like South Korea) have withdrawn their co-operation due to the “Danish text” that leaked last week. Turns out, the developing countries do not want to be penalized more than developed nations to prevent mythical climate change. Who would have thought central planning of the world economy would be so difficult?

The negotiations are supposedly based on the absolute certainty of the “settled science” that the planet will die if they do not act now to curb carbon emissions. They tell us dooms day predictions of mass extinctions, droughts, floods, heat waves, ice ages, malaria increases, etc. if something drastic isn’t done right now. So what is the problem?
They are certain of our imminent demise, but strangely, no one wants to put their money where their mouth is. Wealthy countries do not want to cripple their own economies, so they want the poor countries to bear the burdens and pay the price. The poor countries do not want to suffer for a problem they blame on the rich countries and do not want to doom themselves to perpetual poverty. But why?
If you knew with absolute certainty (remember, “the science is settled”) that you and your family and everyone you love would die unless you spent every dime you have on a solution, would you hesitate to do it? Would you stall and play political games, knowing everyone you know will die? The only things that would make you hesitate are a) there is doubt about the cause and/or severity of the danger, or b) you know it is made up and you are using it to push a hidden agenda.
If you goal is to scare everyone so you can profit from their fear (either through subsidies for green technology, increased tax revenue, or increased power) then you would obviously not want to spend your own resources to fix a problem that you exaggerated or invented. The actions at this conference should tell us all we need to know about the dangers of climate change. The attendees at this conference are the biggest group of global warming alarmists on the planet. Yet they fly private jets around the world, bring in limos from other parts of Europe, and produce more CO2 than a midsized city (more here). They eat fancy meals and get numerous other perks. Then when it is time to sit down and save the world, they try to loot each other and score political points. Doesn’t sound like they are very concerned with stopping the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.