The days of freedom on the German Autobahn without a speed limit could soon be over if the federal government adopts a draft proposal on “climate” protection by its own committee called “The National Platform on the Future of Mobility.”

The committee which should be called “The National Platform on the Future of Immobility” proposes measures that guarantee controversy in the car-nation Germany, whose half a century old highway network is famous for “no limits”  all over the world.

The proposal imposes measures including:

-Speed limit of 130 km/h (80 mph)

-Fuel tax hike of three Euro Cents starting in 2023, ratcheting up by Euro Cent each following year, although Germans already pay one of the highest prices for gas – up to $6.50 per gallon.

-Abolition of tax breaks for diesel cars

-Quotas for electric and hybrid car sales. 

The measures would need to be adopted by the federal government and parliament in 2019 and will likely lead to a similar form of Yellow Vest protests as the most recent demonstrations against the attempt of French President Macron to raise fuel taxes. 

So it’s official, “climate” activists ruin everything.