"Charging Bull - New York City" by Sam valadi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Below is the ATR “BlackRock Tracker.” This map will track which states are actively withdrawing funds from BlackRock and will be continuously updated at ATR.org/ESGRadar

State financial officers and pension fund boards have a strict fiduciary duty to retirees and constituents to make investment decisions based solely in the interest of plan participants.

So far, Florida ($2 billion), Louisiana ($794 million), Arizona ($543 million), Texas ($500 million + $8.5 billion = $9 billion), Missouri ($500 million), South Carolina ($200 million), Arkansas ($125 million), Utah ($100 million), and West Virginia ($21.8 million) have made the decision to divest from BlackRock (a total of $13.3 billion). Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Indiana have all enacted legislation that will likely lead to the eventual divestment of state funds from BlackRock.

As more states decide to divest from BlackRock, this map will be updated to reflect those changes.

This map can be found at ATR.org/ESGRadar and a PDF version of the map can be found here.