In episode 44 of the Grover Norquist Show, ATR president Grover Norquist discusses the recent Kentucky gubernatorial election with Bill Pascoe from the Tea Party Patriots. Despite lagging behind in the polls, Republican Matt Bevin defied expectations and defeated Democrat Jack Conway.

The Kentucky election highlights key issues that will play a huge role in 2016. Notably, Obamacare proves to be a vote-losing issue for Democrats. Bevin made his opposition to Obamacare a huge issue in his campaign to great success. Furthermore, school choice will be a key issue to gain the support of inner-city communities. Americans for Prosperity ran ads in urban areas of Kentucky that championed Bevin’s support for school choice.

Finally, Obama’s low favorability in states like Kentucky will greatly help Republicans. Since Obama assumed office, Republicans have swept state government. When Obama came into office, Republicans controlled 21 governorships. Now, Republicans control 32 governorships and have full control of the legislature and governorship in 24 states.

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Photo Credit: Hsinghsarao