Grover Norquist analyses Donald Trump’s newly unveiled tax plan. Trump gives Americans a deal they can’t refuse, almost. With what Grover calls “Ronald Reagan” style growth, the Donald’s plan should give the United States 4 percent a year in economic growth. Trump’s plan is consistent with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The plan details four different tax brackets for individuals, lowering capital gains, lowering business taxes, and repealing taxes that were meant to be repealed several generations ago. Grover says that the plan would make us more competitive for business amidst the global market. Norquist even goes as far to say, “Trump’s plan is dead center of Reagan Republican thinking, when it comes to what would create growth in the United States.” To find out more, tune into the episode 35 of the Grover Norquist show, and don’t forget to email, tweet, or leave a comment for Grover to let him know what you think.