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“We pull out of the ground death. We burn death in our power plants.” Anthony Van Jones, President Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar

Regulatory Cap and Trade
With Congress and the American people rejecting cap-and-trade, the Obama Administration has employed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to achieve similar ends. Delaying job-killing regulations until after the November election, the EPA is currently sitting on numerous proposed rules sure to increase the cost of energy.

A recent report from Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) unearths thirteen EPA regulations likely to hit American consumers should President Obama be re-elected.

Every single day until November 6, ATR will highlight a pending EPA regulation.

Ozone Rule: $90 billion per year

From the Inhofe Report::

As the New York Times reported last year, President Obama punted on tightening the ozone standard until after the election, admitting that the “regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty” would harm jobs and the economy – but he still pointed to the fact that it will be reconsidered in 2013. EPA itself estimated that its ozone standard would cost $90 billion a year, while other studies have projected that the rule could cost upwards of a trillion dollars and destroy 7.4 million jobs. By EPA's own projections, it could put 650 additional counties into the category of "non-attainment," which is the equivalent of posting a "closed for business" sign on communities. Affected counties will suffer from severe EPA-imposed restrictions on job creation and business expansion, including large numbers of plant closures. The Times concluded: “The full retreat on the smog standard was the first and most important environmental decision of the presidential campaign season that is now fully under way. An examination of that decision, based on interviews with lobbyists on both sides, former officials and policy makers at the upper reaches of the White House and the E.P.A., illustrates the new calculus on political and policy shifts as the White House sharpens its focus on the president’s re-election.”

The Ozone rule is another attempt by the EPA to implement their business killing agenda by proposing costly and unrealistic measures. This only thing this “standard” succeeds in doing is putting more Americans out of work and costing taxpayers more money.  

Does your senator want efficient, reliable energy?
Earlier this year the Senate voted to overturn on the EPA’s most damaging regulations, the Utility MACT. If your Senator voted “Yes,” then they wanted to repeal the Utility MACT; if the voted “Nay,” they wanted to preserve the job-killing measure.