Quote of the Day:
“If anyone wants to build a coal fired plant they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them”- President Obama

Regulatory cap-and-trade
With Congress and the American people rejecting cap-and-trade, the Obama Administration has employed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to achieve similar ends. Delaying job-killing regulations until after the November election, the EPA is currently sitting on numerous proposed rules sure to increase the cost of energy.

A recent report from Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) unearths thirteen EPA regulations likely to hit American consumers should President Obama be reelected

Every single day until November 6, ATR will highlight a pending EPA regulation

Coal Ash: $79-$110 billion

From the Inhofe Report:

            EPA’s proposed coal ash rule could cost $79 to $110 billion over 20 years, destroying 183,900 to 316,000 jobs; this will have disastrous impacts in states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Missouri. As the Charleston Gazette reported, “Despite initial tough talk on the issue, Jackson issued a regulatory proposal that did not settle on a particular strategy.” Politico also noted, EPA is “sitting on proposed regulations to declare coal ash to be a hazardous substance…Administrator Lisa Jackson has said the agency will issue a final coal ash rule by the end of the year, but environmentalists and coal ash recyclers aren’t convinced.”

The President and EPA have made their disdain for coal – a resource hailed for its efficiency and reliability— abundantly clear. Attacking the coal industry will not only costs jobs but hurt ordinary Americans struggling to pay their electricity bills affordable energy.

Does your Senator want efficient, reliable energy?
Earlier this year the Senate voted to overturn one of the EPA’s most damaging regulations, the Utility MACT. If your Senator voted “Yes,” they wanted to repeal the Utility MACT; if they voted “Nay,” they voted to preserve the job-killing measure.