ATR believes that every source of energy has a role to play in keeping America's lights on and cars running. Over the years, Congress and regulatory agencies have piled on rules and regulations in an attempt to nudge, or force, Americans to use lawmakers' preferred energy sources. This compounding effect has skewed today's energy market to the point where our most efficient energy sources are being phased out and replaced with unreliable, expensive alternatives.

Americans for Tax Reform believes that an energy market which most benefits consumers is one largely absent of government intervention. In order to achieve this goal, legislators must begin peeling back the numerous duplicative regulations and laws that facilitate or impeded certain types of energy.

In order to allow different energy sources-oil, wind, coal, solar, natural gas, etc-to fairly compete for market share, these energy forms should be subject to the same effective tax rate and regulations. ATR encourages the elimination of tax credits and deductions as long as these tax hikes are offset by identical or greater tax cuts-the elimination of tax credits and deductions must be done in at least a revenue neutral way.