Clinton-Gore representatives obstruct a 2/3rds majority by abstaining

Dallas, TX– The federal Commission examining issues relating to the taxation of electronic commerce adjourned today after approving a taxpayer-friendly proposal to slash taxes on telecommunications and Internet access while blocking states and localities from exporting their tax collection schemes beyond their borders.
"This is a huge win for taxpayers," said Ron Nehring, Director of National Campaigns for Americans for Tax Reform.  "We got a solid majority for a plan that will keep electronic commerce free of risky national sales tax collection schemes like those envisioned by the politicians at the National Governors Association."
Because three representatives of the Clinton-Gore Administration chose to abstain from the vote on the proposal, it did not meet the 2/3rds threshold establish by Congress for the proposal to be formally termed a "recommendation." 
"Al Gore gets to be the poster child for taxing the Internet," said Nehring.  "First, Al Gore invented the Internet, now he wants to leave the door open to taxing it.  Gore\’s representatives, taking their marching orders from the White House, refused to endorse the proposal to keep a national sales tax collection scheme off-line.  So much for the \’tech friendly\’ Clinton-Gore Administration."