We have more information on Wisconsin Democrats standing up for union bosses in lieu of representing their constituents. From Greg Sargent:

Adding to the bizarre sense of urgency, a Dem State Senate aide I just spoke to who is actually in the capitol told me that Dems who are on the scene don't know where the other Dem Senators are, because they appear to be in hiding from law enforcement.

"They are somewhere where they are not available to be forcibly taken to the floor," the aide said, the chant of protestors audible in the background. "They could be in the building. They could be in the basement for all I know.".

Seriously. There is an all points bulletin out for elected Democrats. There is a police search in progress around and about Madison. Senate Democrats are joining Wisconsin teachers in refusing to show up to work today, and now are hiding from the cops like a bunch of high school students caught drinking underage.

I'd tell you to call the caucus, but no one is around to answer the phone.