There’s a lot in the news today about President Obama’s seeming ignorance of the $3800 excise tax contained in the Baucus-Obama healthcare plan.

You might have forgotten that there is another.

In H.R. 3200 (the Pelosi-Rangel-Obama version of reform), there is an income surtax on the uninsured of up to 2.5% of adjusted gross income, or the average premium cost, whichever is less.  So, a family making $70,000 and choosing not to insure would face a tax hike of $1750.

What makes the Baucus-Obama tax of $3800 on this same family so odd is that Democrats in Washington seemed to have learned NOTHING from the August recess town halls or the 9/12 rally on Washington.  Instead of scrapping this unpopular tax, they’ve doubled it!