Commerce Secretary is touring the state, but the Texas House can\’t get a supportive resolution out of committee.

WASHINGTON – As the war in Iraq appears to be reaching a climax, President Bush and his economic team have redoubled their efforts to win the war on the domestic front. In an effort to boost a stagnating economy, create jobs, and lay the foundations for long-term economic strength, the Administration is launching a campaign to pass the Bush economic growth and tax reform plan.

Secretary of Commerce, and native Texan, Don Evans is completing a tour of the state to rally support for the President\’s plan. The Texas legislature has been asked to do its part by passing a resolution throwing its support behind the tax reforms. The resolution calls on the Congressional delegation of Texas to support and work to pass the President\’s economic growth and tax reform plan. But to date, the state House has been unable to move on the issue out of the Committee on State Affairs.

"The economy has been stagnant for three years, and hard-working Texas families are suffering because of it," said taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. "Lack of investment and uncertainty about the war have held the economy back. With the war looking like it could be winding down, now is the time to reform the tax code to get the country moving again. The President\’s plan provides immediate relief to hard working families, improves incentives to save and invest, and cleans up corporate behavior."

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has asked each state legislature to pass resolutions instructing their states\’ federal representatives to vote for the President\’s economic plan. So far, 14 states have introduced such legislation. But the Texas House cannot seem to get the measure out of committee to allow the full House to vote on it.

ATR\’s effort to get states to pass resolutions on the President\’s tax reform plan is just one aspect of the Legislative Advisory Project (LAP), and effort to get local elected officials involved in the national political debate. For more information on the LAP, go to

"It is imperative that the Texas State House pass this resolution," continued Norquist, "to ensure that their constituents\’ voices are heard in Washington."