While the Obama administration has been selectively deciding when and how to enforce many different aspects of Obamacare, the real world effect is already being felt by small business owners and in turn, their customers. CNN reported the following today

Diners at eight Gator’s Dockside casual eateries are finding a 1% Affordable Care Act surcharge on their tabs […]’The costs associated with ACA compliance could ultimately close our doors,’ the sign reads. ‘Instead of raising prices on our products to generate the additional revenue needed to cover the costs of ACA compliance, certain Gator’s Dockside locations have implemented a 1% surcharge on all food and beverage purchases only.’ 

The restaurant is being forced to implement the surcharge in response to Obamacare’s employer mandate, which drastically raises costs for small and medium sized businesses by forcing them to provide health insurance for employees. Furthermore, if and when they finally manage to successfully log on to, they are likely to find higher premiums then previously available. This is just another example of the disastrous effect Obamacare is having on the family owned restaurants, stores and other small businesses that Americans grew up knowing and loving. 

Photo credit: Rusty Gillespie