Evidently The Denver Post thinks it is a good idea to have an INTERN, Elizabeth Miller, conduct a fact check of a political ad.  The ad, modeled after the numerous attack ads targeting the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and the candidates who have singed it, claimed that Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck pledged to “ship jobs overseas.” 

In an act by The Denver Post editors – which can only be described as utterly negligent and irresponsible – an article claiming to be a “Political Polygraph” was posted on October 31, just two days before the mid-term election, claiming that the attack ad was true. 

In the interns own words, “So, yes, essentially, Buck has pledged to vote the ATR line, he's reiterated that support since then, and that would mean he's protecting tax breaks for companies outsourcing jobs overseas.” 

There is only one problem with Ms. Miller’s conclusion, it is unequivocally wrong.  And we’re talking more wrong than when people thought the Earth was flat or that Barack Obama would actually lower our taxes. 

Americans for Tax Reform was never contacted by Ms. Miller or The Denver Post concerning their analysis of the attack ad. 

Additionally, it is undeniably obvious that Ms. Miller avoided even the most simple of Google searches on the other attack ads airing around the country… how can I prove this?  See the other media sources refuting the Democrats false smears below:


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