Democrats are set to vote on a bill that changes the rules of the House to make it easier to raise taxes.

This change is being proposed as part of H.Res.6, the House Democrats’ rules package for the 116th Congress. 

Since they’ve controlled the House since 2011, Republicans maintained a rule requiring any bill that increases federal income taxes to have the support of three-fifths majority of Congress.

Democrats are proposing to abolish this rule.

Under the new Democrat house, Congress will be able to raise taxes by a simple majority voice vote, a change that will make it vastly easier for Democrats to raise taxes.

In fact, during the midterm elections, Democrats all across the country promised to impose massive, trillion-dollar tax hikes on the American people. This change moves them one step closer to that goal.  

Another rules change being imposed by Democrats is the repeal of dynamic scoring, a mechanism that allows policymakers to forecast the effects of fiscal policy based on the predicted behavior of people and organizations. By returning to static scoring, Democrats ignore the real-world changes in behavior by tax cuts and other boons to economic growth.

These changes are another step forward in the continued Democrat assault on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has referred to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as “Armageddon” and its benefits for workers as “crumbs.”

In reality, the GOP tax bill has been successful in growing the American economy and increasing wages. Under the new law, 90 percent of Americans have higher take-home pay. GDP growth has consistently been between 3 and 4 percent, dwarfing the anemic growth of 2 percent during the Obama years.

Small business confidence is hitting record highs, manufacturing confidence is at an all-time high, job openings are at a record high, and Americans in all 50 states are seeing lower utility bills.

The GOP tax law has also made the U.S a more competitive place to do business because of the reduction of the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent and the creation of the 20 percent deduction for pass-through businesses. Since these reforms, the U.S. has been named the most competitive economy in the world.

In order to preserve this competitive tax system, Americans for Tax Reform has launched a new special project, Defend21.org, to highlight the success of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

With these new House rules changes, Democrats have made it crystal clear that their top priority is to raise taxes and claw back the economic successes of Congressional Republicans and President Trump.