Both the House and Senate are governed by parliamentary rules that allow for some semblance of egalitarian debate, regardless of party control. Over the past few years, we have seen these safeguards eroded, specifically under the Pelosi speakership when minority amendments were prohibited, bills were passed before being fully written and legislation was shunted through the process through "deeming" resolutions rather than with honest debate.

On the other side of the hill, the Senate is normally seen to be above this kind of gerrymandered rulemaking, abiding by a more reverent parliamentary process. Usually, the majority and minority come to an agreement before legislation is brought to the floor that allows the minority an equitable part of the debate and amendment opportunties. Last night, Leader Reid changed all of that.

During debate on a chinese currency bill, Leider Reid had agreed that Republicans would be allowed to offer seven amendments. Republican Leader Mitch McConnell wished to use one of their amendments to require the Senate to take up the President's jobs bill; a command the President has made daily after the release of his plan last month. Leader Reid then unilaterally changed the Senate rules to prevent the amendment, fundamentally altering the Senate's judicious debate procedure.

In effect, the Senate minority is now barred from entering the debate on a bill after cloture. This slap in the face to the democratic process demonstrates just how far Democrats are willing to go to avoid a vote on the President's jobs bill. This further illustrates the toxicity of the administration's failed economic agenda. Even Democrat Senators are unwilling to sign on to the President's massive tax hikes, job-killing regulatory agenda and fake spending restraint.

How far will the President go to continue to push a destructive "jobs" plan that even Democrats won't support? To what lengths will lawmakers go to avoid embarrasing their economically illiterate president?