20 July 2010

Democrats Find New Way to Pitch Cap and Trade

In an attempt to hoodwink the American people, Harry Reid plans to rename the phrase “cap-and-trade.” Looking for a less averse phrase than cap-and-trade Reid has called his new efforts “heat trapping pollution,”

Democrats are realizing that Americans do not want a cap and trade bill and the devastating economic effects that would go along with it.  In response, Dems are dropping the term cap-and-trade to try and spin the bill in a new way.

Senate Democrats hired Drew Westen, an expert at discovering political messaging which tugs at the heart strings of American voters.  He told policy makers to create patriotic and national defense themes in order to gather support for energy proposals.

These desperate actions are the last ditch efforts of a dying proposal.  Reid and the Democratic Congress do not seem to understand that America does not want this bill because it would increase taxes, destroy jobs and increase the cost of energy for businesses and individuals.

It can be repackaged and reworded, but the cap and trade bill still remains disastrous to America’s future.