Today, President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address on the thousandth day since Senate Democrats have passed a budget.  This marks almost three years that Democrats have spent ignoring their most basic responsibility as lawmakers. That’s over thirty-three months. It’s one hundred and forty-three weeks. But just how long have Democrats been violating the law and ignoring their most basic responsibility as lawmakers? Some ideas for context:

In 1,000 days, the average American will:

  • Sleep 7,600 hours days
  • Spend  108 days doing sports or leisure activities
  • Spend about $500 on coffee (taxes not included)
  • Devote 66,000 minutes to eating
  • Laugh 15,000 times (does not take into account currently high Misery Index)
  • Grow a foot and a half of hair.
  • Pay $11,634 for gasoline, ($5,957 of which are from taxes)
  • Watch 4,500 hours of TV
  • Go on 12 dates (hey, it’s hard to afford a movie in the Obama economy)

Since Democrats were not budgeting for the past 1,000 days, this is what they could have done:

  • Watch all 13,858 episodes of ‘As The World Turns’ forwards…then backwards
  • Save $5 day to start a Roth IRA
  • Travel the width of the Milky Way Galaxy moving at the speed of one light-year each day
  • Lose twenty pounds by simply cutting out 100 calories per day
  • Complete an Education Leadership Doctoral Program from Harvard
  • Name a baby African Elephant after monitoring its mother’s entire pregnancy
  • Land a Humanoid Robot on the moon (as NASA planned to do with Project M)
  • Beat the world record for the fastest time to visit all 124 United Nations countries (current record: three years, three months and six days)
  • Complete Obama’s entire health care bill by reading two pages a day (since no one bothered to do this ahead of voting for the new law)


1000 Days SOTUS pdf