Democrats want to impose a carbon tax on the American people:

-Today the House Democrat “climate crisis” committee endorsed a carbon tax.

-Joe Biden has endorsed a carbon tax.

-The official Democratic Party platform calls for a carbon tax.

Today, Democrats on the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis released a new climate action plan calling for a national carbon tax:

“Congress should establish a carbon pricing system designed to achieve America’s economywide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal of net-zero by no later than 2050.” 

The pro-carbon tax position is in line with Joe Biden, who endorsed a carbon tax on Sept. 4, 2019 during a CNN town hall:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “Would you support a carbon tax? Some other candidates say they would.

Biden: “Yeah, no, I would.

Click here to see Biden’s endorsement of a carbon tax.

A Biden carbon tax would significantly increase household costs such as cooling and heating, transportation, and groceries. The tax would also put a severe strain on small businesses who already operate on tight margins.

Carbon taxes are highly unpopular with voters. In fact, carbon tax advocates have yet to get a carbon tax passed in a single blue state, as this timeline shows.

Carbon taxes also saddle state and local governments with huge costs. In Canada, a Calgary school district was forced to kick 400 kids off the school bus program in order to pay a $3.3 million carbon tax bill.

The Democrat call for a carbon tax sets up a clear contrast for voters. Republicans are united in opposition to any carbon tax. The Republican Party platform states: “We oppose any carbon tax”

To read more about Biden’s tax hikes, visit ATR.org/HighTaxJoe