This election cycle, many American voters reacted poorly to socialist groups trapsing around city streets. In a post-election caucus call, Virginia Democrat incumbent congresswoman Abigail Spanberger expressed frustration after narrowly surviving a challenging race, she declared “we do not need to use the word socialist or socialism ever again.”

It will be hard to grant her wish however, as the ranks of Democratic Socialist party-endorsed elected officials just grew again. Here are the Democrats who also were endorsed by the DSA.

2020 Winners

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, New York, U.S. Representative District 14 (Democratic Party, Working Families Party)

Julia Salzar, New York, State Senate district 18 (Democratic Party, Working Families Party)

Rashiba Tlaib, Michigan, U.S. Representative District 13 (Democratic Party)

Jabari Brisport, New York, State Senate District 25 (Democratic Party, Working Families Party)

Marcela Mitaynes, New York, State Assembly District 51 (Democratic Party, Working Families Party)

Phara Souffrant, New York, State Assembly District 57

Zohran Mamdani, New York, State Assembly District 36

Jamaal Bowman, New York, Congressional District 16

Dean Preston, San Francisco, California, Board of Supervisors, District 5

Jovanka Beckles, Alameda County, California, Transit Board Ward 1

Konstantine Anthony, Burbank, California, City Council

Nithya Raman, Los Angeles, California, City Council District 4

Janeese Lewis George, D.C., City Council Ward 4

Jen McEwen, Minnesota, State Senate District 7

Cori Bush, Missouri, Congressional District 1

Danny Tenenbaum, Montana, State Representative District 95

Nikil Saval, Pennsylvania, State Senate District 1

Elizabeth Fiedler, Pennsylvania, State House District 184

Rick Krajewski, Pennsylvania, State House District 188

David Morales, Rhode Island, State House District 7

Greg Casar, Austin City, Texas, City Council District 4


2019 Winners

Dean Preston for San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5

Jackie Goldberg for Los Angeles School Board

Carlos Ramirez–Rosa for Chicago Alderman, 35th Ward

Jeanette B. Taylor for Chicago Alderman, 20th Ward

Byron Sigcho Lopez for Chicago Alderman, 25th Ward

Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez for Chicago Alderman, 33rd Ward

Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler for Cambridge City Council, At-Large

Kendra Brooks for Philadelphia City Council At-Large

Michael Payne for Charlottesville City Council, At-Large